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2K Injection Plastic Moulding Testing


Deep Mould has made the 2K injection plastic molding for our France customer.
Material: PA+GF/TPE
Mold Tooling: 2K Injection Plastic Moulding/Double Injection Moulding
Size: 450*550*421 * 2
Steel: ASSAB S136 HRC 48-52
We used the rotate plate of 2K injection machine for the mold testing and send our customer with good samples.

2k injection plastic moulding testing1

What is a 2K or ‘two-shot’ injection moulding?

As consists of processing to make a plastic part with two different raw materials (or two different colours of one raw material) into an end product by means of one injection moulding process.
This technology enables several functions to be integrated into an injection moulded product.

The Advantage of 2K Injection Molding

Stable production processes and high efficiency
Lower part cost compared with overmolding and assembly parts
Enhanced tactile and cosmetic product features
High precision and stable part quality
Improve the touch feel
Expanded design possibilities
Optimum bonding with minimum time and labor

2K Injection Mold Design
We insist mold construction design, steel quality and precise manufacturing is the key to achieve molds with excellent performance. Our mold design principle is the mold must be durable, high efficiency and easy to do the maintance and manufacturing.
Shrinkage factor for both materials.
Plastic component wall thickness, uniform wall thickness preferred.
Number of cavities in the mold
Plastic material feeding systems. Runner and Gate
Core and cavity cooling system
Component ejection system.
To avoiding burn mark, air vent is necessary.
Injection Molding Type
Variations of two shot moulding
There are a few variations of two shot moulding, including rotary platen, movable core, and overmold. The first two require a second injection unit, two runner systems, and two processes. The latter, in most cases, involves two separate molds—one for each material—but can also be run with one mold, two runner systems, and pick-and-place part transfer, either manually or with a robot.

2k injection plastic moulding testing

Applications of injection molding:
Soft-Touch enhancements, combining thermoplastics and silicone in one component, such as hand tools, writing instruments and toothbrushes.

Performance improvements, combining different material properties for an Ideal solution.

Enhance cosmetics features, permanent graphics through the use of additional colored resins.

Talent Mould is pleased to advise you as a strong 2K injection mold manufacturing and 2K injection molding partner. We will work with you to optimize the part design, select the suitable material, choose the cost effective 2K mold and two shot molding solution. We have the Engel 2K Injection molding machine with rotary plate in house for 2K mold trial and 2K injection molding production.
Know more 2 Shot mold solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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