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Automotive Interior Parts

Product Basic Information:
Product Name: Automotive Interior Parts
Model Number: TD03
Brand Name: OEM
Color: All pantone colors are available
Surface finish: Chrome plating,gold&silver plating,silk-printing,painting,texture etc

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: Poly bag+export carton or according to customers’ requirements
Port: Shenzhen, China
Lead time: 4 weeks

automotive interior parts5

automotive interior parts6

automotive interior parts7

Competitive Advantages:

1.Advanced equipments and technicals.
2.TTM adopts lean practices and process optimization including the use of technology to achieve“best costs”.
3.Strict quality management is enforced at all stages.
4.In-house Mould design and manufacturing.
5.Experienced good service on developing designs and quick response.

Company Culture:

Respect is the basic attitude TTM company and our individual workers have.
We work and cooperate on equal basis, respecting and expecting to be respected.

Responsibility is the commitment and guidance we have, to our valued customers, to the company, to the society.

Return is the virtue we insist and carry forward.
For any parties or individuals who supported us, we always keep gratitude in heart and return with greater support.

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Project Management:

A project engineer will be assigned to follow your order right through the design to sampling and tool shipment. The engineer will act as your representative to make sure the technical and quality standard are fully implemented, and do not worry they speak and understand English very well.

The weekly progress report and online tracking project management ensure the process is running on schedule to avoid rushing in last minute.
Following final design approval and tool manufacture, samples are submitted with a fully detailed inspection report and setting parameter.

Quality Control:

To be always able to deliver high quality mould an plastic products to our customers, the highest level of quality assurance is essential for us .
This starts with the contract review over the entire project cycle and ends with the shipping process.
We have therefore implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 allowing for continuous improvement of our processes.

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