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Engineer Machine Mold

Model Number: TE06-051
Product Name: HYGRA Mold for Engine
Brand Name: TTM
Mould Type: Plastic Injection Mould
Mould Base: 1.1730
Mould Core and Cavity: 1.2738
Injection: Sub Gate in Part
Mould Cavity: 1*1
Surface: EDM VDI
Core: YS Texture
Mould Life: 100,000
Mould Size: 760*710*1000 mm
Plastic Parts Material: PP
Lead Time: 6 weeks

Basic Information:

Brand TTM
Mould Base LKM, HASCO, DME, C50 standard mould base
Mould Material H13, 1.2344, 1.2738, P20, 45#, etc., according to customers’ requirement.
Mould Standard HASCO, DME, MISUMI, LKM, etc.
Product Material ABS, PP, PC, PA, PA66, POM, etc.
Runner Cold/Hot Runner
Gate Type Side gate, sub gate, pin point gate, edge gate, etc.
Mould Size(min) 150*150mm
Mould Size(max) 1600*1200mm
Mould Weight 50~15,000 kg
Injection Machine Type 80~1500ton
Certification ISO9001:2015
Lead Time 3~6weeks according to the product

Established in 2008, Talent Technology Mould Co., Ltd is specializing in the area of engineering, developing and producing of precision moulds and injection molding parts.

We supply moulds and precison parts for many different industries such as automotive, medical, industry, intelligent housing device, home appliances, commercial electronics, etc. Mould types include plastic and alloy mould, HASCO/DME standard mould, hot runner mould, double injection mould, etc.

 Our Production Scope:

* Plastic injection mold with tolerances up to ±0.02mm.
* 2K/Dual-component molds
* Over Molding
* Gear Mould
* Die-Casting Mould
* Injection Molding
* Precision Machining

 Turnkey Service:

* Silicone Molds
* Rapid-Prototyping & 3D Printing
* Surface Treatment
* Product Assembly

engineer machine mold4
engineer machine mold5

3D Design

It will take about 2-5 days for us to make 3D mould design , it will depend on how many sets of molds and how complexity of the mold.
If customer confirmed our 3D design, we ‘ll make 2D drawing with the BOM for our customer to check all of components steel material specification .
If the part is complexity , or the filling speed is hard to confirm, we could offer the mold analysis report to customer .

engineer machine mold6
engineer machine mold7

About your project:

Please kindly send me drawing files in step/igs/x-t format or photos which will include clear hanger structure and dimension with below information,We can sign NDA to protect your copyright.

Our project manager having the following tasks / responsibilities:
● Project planning, reporting, change management and customer-interface organize and manage design & production reviews, try-outs with delivery of samples , final approval and mould delivery.
● Progress and status reports are issued each week including photos.
● Communication is done in English with marketing dept.

Quality Management

To be always able to deliver high quality mould an plastic products to our customers, the highest level of quality assurance is essential for us .
This starts with the contract review over the entire project cycle and ends with the shipping process.
We have therefore implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 allowing for continuous improvement of our processes.

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