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Aluminum Die Casting
Most of the die castings are made from non-ferrous metals,such as Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and so on. Alumium alloy Die casting mold is an Alumium alloy casting process that by forcing molten aluminum under high pressure into a harden mold cavity blocks. It depends on the type of the raw material of die casting parts, we could choose a hot or ...
2K Injection Plastic Moulding Testing
Deep Mould has made the 2K injection plastic molding for our France customer. Material: PA+GF/TPE Mold Tooling: 2K Injection Plastic Moulding/Double Injection Moulding Size: 450*550*421 * 2 Steel: ASSAB S136 HRC 48-52 COLD RUNNER WITH SLIDERS. We used the rotate plate of 2K injection machine for the mold testing and send our customer with good s...
China’s Mold Industry Accounts For About One-third Of Global Output Value And Consumption
Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, June 11th (Reporter Wu Yu) The “19th China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition & 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Mould and Forming Technology Equipment Exhibition”, which opened in Shanghai on the 11th, sent out information: China’s mold consumption The volume reached 255.5 billion yua...
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